Today I’ve been busy working.¬† To the casual observer, this might look an awful lot like surfing the Internet at my favorite faux-French cafe, but make no mistake, real work has been done.¬† I am putting together a portfolio of my work.¬† This portfolio is my final project for my photography program and it will also serve as a tangible presentation of my work to future clients.

The portfolio itself is a cool little number from Lost Luggage.¬† To make it even more special, the Modern Toile logo (designed by Kristen Cox of The Future Mrs. Darcy) will be screen printed in a tiled pattern across the front.¬† Very graphic.¬† Very gorgeous.¬† So, while the guy at the coffee bar thought I was knee deep in celebrity gossip…I was actually conducting valuable Pantone research.¬† Okay, so I did take one short moment to read about the Twilight actress who got replaced.¬† ENQUIRING MINDS WANT TO KNOW, PEOPLE!¬† Don’t judge.

Along with edits for my portfolio, I had a print order to fulfill.¬† My client mentioned a frame with (3) 5×7 windows so I made her this triptych.¬† I hope she likes!enya-triptych