Babies & Houses: We must be adults

It all started with Dim Sum. Chinese tapas. Yum.

It was Saturday, 1 day past due for a beloved baby’s arrival. I vowed to eat only spicy foods in the hopes of encouraging my bff, Kristen of the Future Mrs. Darcy, to go into labor. Clearly my voodoo worked as Kristen’s labor began before my green tea was even poured. It’s the kind of week I’m having. I’m throwing things out into the universe and it’s coming back. Lucky. The baby was born early Sunday morning. Perhaps my powers extend farther than I realize? Both Posh Spice and Kate Hudson felt my influence as they too birthed babies on Sunday. I don’t take kindly to them stealing my Kristen’s thunder, but whatevs. She wins the name game: Fiona Grace. Lovely.

The Dim Sum brunch was in honor of a friend of mine, Abeer. She is probably the most well-connected, get-things-done, diva in the DC area. And if you’re reading this, Abeer, I want you to know, I’m sending good vibes your way. Sitting at a table of strangers, small talk led to conversation, conversation led to laughs, and laughs led to OMG, let’s be Facebook friends! By the end of lunch, I learned that DC is a really just a small town, but that strangers were reading my blog.

I’ll be honest, I thought this was published in a vacuum. So, it’s a little weird to have someone say they’ve spent hours looking at your blog. I should not be surprised, I blog stalk people. Lots of people. In fact, when I was in dining at Refuge des Fondus in Paris, I was sitting next to an American. I mentioned that I read about the fondue place on the blog, Oh Happy Day.  So had she. Jordan of Oh Happy Day, thank you for the recommendation. I’d be happy to reciprocate if you find yourself in DC.

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So, I’ll catch you all up on a few personal things. We’re house hunting. We had settled on a potentially charming fixer-upper only to learn that fixer-upper means “money pit.” Our only option was to walk away after the inspection revealed water damage, a bad roof and structural damage. You could see the outside from the attic. And THAT is why you get inspections. Hopefully we’ll win the bid on this other adorable, already charming home. Either way, we must vacate our apartment by the end of August as it’s being sold from under us. Stress level is a bit high, but with my recent good luck, I’m sure it will all work out.