Chris & Andrew :: Married

The wedding between Chris & Andrew was a real pleasure to second shoot for Debi Parker Photography. First, Debi is a personal friend, an incredibly experienced photographer from whom I continue to learn every chance we work together, and the trusted 2nd opinion you want when you find a pop-up J. Crew sample sale. (We totally did, too! It was awesome. The new mustard cardigan is already in heavy rotation.) The wedding took us to the Pippen Hill Winery, outside of charming Charlottesville, Virginia. And it gave me the opportunity to meet and befriend Chris & Andrew. I’m not sure of the exact moment I decided I needed the bride Chris to be my friend. It was either after she “accidentally” groped me, 2 seconds after introductions, OR it was her request of complete honesty to the question: “Do these eyelashes give me Tarantula Eyes?” I kind of thought, oh yeah, she’s like the awesome friend who got away. So, I was extremely excited when I got a friend request from her on Facebook. I know. I know. It’s Facebook, but you can tut tut Facebook all you want, but quite a few people have deepened my regard for them just by entertaining me with banality. Some have a real talent for it. Look, if you eat Count Chocula with soy for breakfast – inquiring minds want to know. You can learn a lot about person by what they eat for breakfast.


October 7, 2011 - 10:40 am

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