2nd Shooting: Natalie & Justin

I’ve been a little slow uploading new work here on the blog, but I promise as the summer winds down I’ll share lots from this really great wedding season. This is from a wedding I second shot with Debi Parker Photography. The wedding between Natalie and Justin was really special and while that’s true of every wedding, this one was particularly great. It was a Sunday wedding brunch. Normally, that might mean guests who are too sleepy / sober to turn the dance floor into a Dance Dance Revolution, but not so when your South American family reunite and perfectly sync hip thrusts to Bruno Mars’ “Locked Out of Heaven.” This wedding was also fun for me as I was playing with a brand new prime lens. It’s true love. While photographing I kept noticing something which can be seen in the last diptych – groups of people hugging, groups of people in a circle dancing, groups of people embracing with genuine affection. These circles were spontaneous and prolific. It was really quite beautiful.

Also, the flower arrangements. Ugh. T.D.F. Seriously. So pretty. I am obsessed with the succulent trend. Not just for hipsters anymore, succulents are showing up in bouquets and boutonnieres offering sculptural beauty in a range of color from green to this gorgeous purple-y gray that isĀ  my personal favorite. I love this plant to death. Literally. Literally, I’m killing this plant one $4.99 Trader Joe’s pot at a time. Apparently you can do that despite their reputation of hardiness. Succulents like a southerly view and well, I don’t have one to offer in my Del Ray row house.

R.I.P. Succulent


Seen here in better days. Yes, that’s my very Apartment Therapy staged and totally contrived living room. That couch was free of pet fur for about 45 seconds before Molly pile-drived the sofa. Oh but check out my new Flor rug!!!


This weekend I head to Pittsburgh for Gayle and Ian’s wedding. I’m very excited as they are an awesome couple, and because it means catching up with my good friend and former bride Ariel. First, I have a special shoot scheduled tomorrow with my favorite teenager and her bff. Can’t wait to share.