Welcome to the stage: Addieville.

In anticipation of their upcoming show at Iota on Monday, January 24th the band asked for some images. I thought, sure I can do that and  I’ll do them one better…give my glowing endorsement. And it is glowy. Fact is, if you asked my endorsement to pick a favorite animal, she would pick the Glow Worm.

Instead of emailing Robert the question “How would you describe your music” I saved us both a few keystrokes by copying from their Facebook fan page.

Writing about your band is a bit like sending yourself flowers on Valentine’s Day. With that in mind, let’s keep this as short and simple as possible.
Robert sings, plays guitar and writes the songs. Dayana is the David Lindley to his Jackson Browne: she sings harmony and mostly plays cello, but also melodica, violin, glockenspiel, shakers; she spins plates on little sticks, does some juggling, perhaps—whatever the occasion calls for.
We listen to as much good music as we can get our hands and ears on, and hopefully some of that shows up in our songs. We’d love to say that you’d hear some Kinks in there somewhere, but we’d never be so bold. So let’s just say that if you were making a mix tape we’d feel at home with folks like Clem Snide, Elephant 6 (Elf Power, Olivia Tremor Control, Great Lakes, Apples in Stereo), Andrew Bird, Yo La Tengo, M. Ward, the Swell Season, etc.
You’ll notice this writeup doesn’t contain anything like “soaring melodies!” or “influences ranging from Tchaikovsky to the Velvet Underground to classic metal!” We make no claims that we have the ability to change the musical landscape / world as we know it. In the United States of Bands, we are happy to be Rhode Island.

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