American Treasure

There is a lot of hurt in the World after Monday’s Boston Marathon. I first heard about it  through Facebook after my best friend, Kristen, of The Future Mrs. Darcy posted that she was not involved in the bombing and was fine. When I saw that I immediately panicked. Then I sat glued to my computer hitting refresh for the next 3.5 hours. Monday night was also Finals for District Karaoke, and while I’m not a competitor this season, my friends are. I had committed to going, but I was, not surprisingly, afraid to ride the Metro. I wondered if Metro usage should be limited to necessity and weighed the appropriateness of going to a bar of revelry. My husband, perhaps anticipating hours of continued punching of my browser’s refresh button, convinced me that yes, I should be in public with friends, songs and beer. And that’s what I did.

Music has healing properties that can’t be articulated, only felt. By sheer coincidence, (and completely tongue-in-cheek) a team had prepared to sing Neil Diamond’s America. They chose it the day before the Marathon, so it wasn’t like they were pandering. And you know what? Every f-ing person in that bar (with the exception of (2) 20-somethings who had never heard this American classic) had fists pumping, singing loudly to the chorus. It was beautiful. We all felt united to seek lightness in dark. Banding together as a community of silly people with an affinity for costumes and 90’s hip-hop, we made each other smile and hurt a little less. After all, fun is life affirming.

So, for Caroline & Ashley, who didn’t know the song, but clapped along anyway – an encore. But seriously, ladies, learn your history. Neil Diamond is an American Treasure!!!

Check back soon for images from Roxie & Hugo’s cherry blossom engagement session. Roxie. You gorgeous little doll, you.