And we’re back…

What’s up, dear friends? Happy New Year!

I realize a whole month has passed since my last “woe is me” entry. Sorry, but you know how it gets around the holidays, busy busy busy….plus we had Snowcalypse 2009 to endure. I kept busy editing photographs from The Motley Fool holiday party. Those Fools know how to party! I’ll post a few shots from that event soon.

Stay tuned for the January Playlist. This year’s playlists will be a collaborative effort between myself & The Future Mrs. Darcy. We love to work together and she chided me for something called “stretching text” which must be a big no no in her world… a photographer with Photoshop skills does not make a graphic designer.

Well, I must dash off. My wish* for all of you is a sparkly shiny 2010 covered in possibility sequins.

Peace out,


*P.S. My other wish is for Valley of the Dolls hair to my a comeback. I’ll start. Now… where is my Bumpit?