Ashlynn & Stephen :: Engaged

Oh hello!

I’m blogging tonight from a date night of sorts…y’know the kind of date nights with free wi-fi, craft beers, ambient house music and hipsters galore. It’s more of a “married couple working on separate projects at a coffee shop that serves good libations before returning home to watch Netflix” kind of date night. Honestly, I love these quasi-date nights. They remind me of college, when we did this exact same thing only instead of bougie wine, it was Vietnamese coffee at The Grind. I don’t remember enjoying myself as I am tonight. For one reason…yes, the wine helps, but second I’m not doing Econ homework. Yay! Give it up for being a grown up. I’ve been designing a wedding album for Raj & Jessica! That is WAY more fun than Econ homework, not to mention way more fun than what my date is doing. My husband is reading some depressing expository text on the history of financial crisis. Ew.

But I digress, the point of this blog post is not to make everyone jealous of our nerd love. It’s to share images of Ashlynn & Stephen’s recent engagement session!  Ashlynn & Stephen here are engaged, adorable and get this – Ashlynn is from my very own hometown of St. Charles, Missouri. I KNOW, RIGHT? Small world! We also share an appreciation of indie rock, a revelation which prompted an idea for the blog: a list of modern indie music perfect for weddings. I accept your challenge, Ashlynn and raise you a million dollars. No, kidding. I will share the penultimate indie wedding playlist soon. Very soon.

Ashlynn referred me to another couple I photographed last week, Kevin & Ashley also from Missouri. There is so much St. Louis up in DC, I’m kinda lovin’ it! St. Louisans are taken over. Pretty soon we’ll begin asking random strangers where they went to high school.*

*You know you’re from St. Louis if you get that reference. Now I just feel like dropping references:  Ted Drewes, South City Diner, Go Billikins, Steak & Shake on Hampton, Botanical Gardens, Shaw Arboretum, late night Laser Light Shows at the Science Center, Pick Up Schnucks, White Castle, Schlafly Beer, Sledding on Art Hill, Pancakes at Uncle Bill’s, CWE, Toasted Ravioli, Soulard’s, Farmer’s Market, Ice skating in Forest Park, Spying Christmas Trees in the window of homes in Lafayette Square, People watching at Coffee Cartel, and now I’m homesick and apparently hungry as most of my references are for food.

Kisses -Brandy

October 21, 2010 - 7:43 pm

emily - Pick Up Schnucks? Please elaborate.

October 21, 2010 - 7:51 pm

Brandy - Okay, Emily I know you’re only recently reunited with St. Louis. Pick Up Schnuck’s is our nickname for the Schnuck’s grocery on Clayton. Smack in the middle of SLU & Wash U’s campus, the well educated and single would flirt over artichokes. Word of warning, I wouldn’t be caught dead there in sweats at any hour of the day!

October 21, 2010 - 9:35 pm

Ashlynn - I can not wait to hear these Indie picks!!! By the way great shout out to some of my fav places in the STL as well!