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So, true story.

Last week a friend was at my house. We were at sitting at my computer, scrolling through some recent work when she stopped on this one. “He’s cute! Who’s he?” I explained that Michael Pope is a journalist / wordsmith / local historian. He’s written his second book called “Hidden History of Alexandria, D.C.” I took some photos for the book which involved grave hunting at dusk. He seemed surprised that it was my first time grave hunting. That’s the kind of guy he is, one that does that sort of thing on a regular basis. And you know what? This tendency toward, dare I say, the peculiar makes him (hands down!) the best person to stand next to at a cocktail party. I’ve stood next to Mike at a lot of cocktail parties, as our spouses work together and we share mutual friends. One wedding after-party (he was a guest and I was the photog) on the patio at Poste, Mike charmed me with the story of how my apartment building was erected on a haunted Earth. In fact, my building received an entire chapter in his first book “Ghosts of Alexandria.” Evidence of said haunting was found at my building’s Starbucks where employees notice strange and unexplained happenings. Naturally, my response was “Shut up!”

Within one week of hearing this story, something interesting happened. I’ll set the scene. My husband is cooking at the stove. I’m in my office. Charly had his iPhone resting on top of his wallet. The wallet was in the middle of the kitchen counter, at least 4 inches from the edge. It fell to the floor. Charly picked it up, placed it back on the counter. It fell again a few minutes later. TWICE. Now, how did this happen? I do own a sick subwoofer, which has been known to rattle walls, much to the chagrin of neighbors, however it was not on. Cognitively, I don’t subscribe to the existence of ghosts, even though you won’t find a bigger scaredy cat. I blame an over-active imagination and unsupervised access to cable during my formative years. I have no alternate theories, so Mike’s ghosts are looking more and more plausible.

Mike’s book launches Friday, October 7th at 7:00 pm at the Athenaeum in Alexandria, Virginia.

Speaking of scaredy cats….I’m alone this weekend as Charly is whitewater rafting with his boys. Do I go see Alexander Skarsgard in Straw Dogs alone? Wait for Charly? Or skip it all together. I might be glutton for punishment, but how can I avoid this? It’s Alexander Skarsgard. Fans of his should read this article from Vulture which asks the question are we living in the golden age of male objectification? Or don’t read it because the answer is a big ‘ol yep. I just read Talking to Girls About Duran Duran by Rob Sheffield. Hilarious essays on Fan Girl as a driving force in popular music are supremely earnest and sweet. Long live the Fan Girl, I say!