Catching up: Kitty pillow fight and District Karaoke Spring Season Finals

Don’t you hate reading bloggers’ apologies for not blogging. Aren’t women told all the time to stop apologizing for nonsense because it implies a lack of authority? This is my blog. I’m in charge of content deadlines and I say summer means infrequent blog posts. Huzzah! Girl power.* You’re not the boss of me…my cat is.  No SERIOUSLY. She is. Just look at this little face. And this is why we can’t have nice stuff.

*(Side note: Speaking of girl power, please, Posh Spice, say yes to an Olympic reunion. You owe it to England…nay THE WORLD. Who do you think you are? Sting? Are you presuming to equate The Spice Girls with The Police? Granted you both share beginning article “The” in your name, but that, I’m afraid, is where similarity ends.)

Okay, so I have a lot to catch you up on, like…. YOU GUYS…my team totally won our night at District Karaoke. For reals. Facebook can’t give me a large enough font with which to scream that major life accomplishment. Not only did we win 4-inch fake gold trophies, but we also caught the attention of a Washington Post Metro reporter. The article, where my character is likened to the crazy cat lady of karaoke or Daphne from Scooby Doo because she’s my celebrity twin….obviously, has yet to be published. Here is my team a week later competing at City-wide Finals, where we placed 3rd! Seriously. I heart them so much!

I brought my camera (and my bar-designated really cheap “I don’t care if you bump me” lens) along to the City-wide Finals. Trying to photograph events in which I’m also an active participant is always a little weird for me. I never manage my expectations well.  While I’m there I think I’m shooting too much and not engaging enough in the moment. And afterwards I’m mad that I didn’t shoot more. I wonder if other photographers feel the same way? This is why you shouldn’t ask friends or family to photograph your wedding. A nice, impartial, and need I say…non-drinking observer is best. Anyway, District Karaoke had celebrity judges and local politicians in the mix as well as some really awesome costumes. Take a look. Then read my team member Bennett’s funny account of the evening here.



I read this NY Times article about the difficulty in making friends after 30.  I have to say, after two seasons of District Karaoke, I’ve met so many really interesting people with whom I would otherwise never have crossed paths. So, here’s my Oprah challenge to you: Make new friends doing whatever is your guilty (or not so guilty) pleasure. Enter with an open mind. Leave your neighborhood. Make an effort. Try something that scares you. Talk to people. Give them a chance to blow your mind, because they will. You just have to be open to it.

Cue Oprah closing credits.

On Friday I’m shooting a corporate event for The Motley Fool. And if I read this text message correctly, my God children are making a very impromptu visit to DC…um…tomorrow. Yay!!! Natural History Museum here we come.



July 24, 2012 - 9:53 pm

Stephanie - so. stinking. cute.

and congrats on the karaoke finals!!