Chris & Linh :: Engaged

So this is Linh and Chris. Cute, right? These two are a really sweet couple I had the pleasure of meeting when they were guests at Jesse & Katrina’s wedding almost two years ago. Linh loves cherry blossoms. Unseasonably warm weather caused them to bud almost a month early this year. The blooms are fragile and fleeting. I sooo badly wanted to deliver good on Linh’s dream engagement session with these blooms, that I was in an outright panic when a thunderstorm was predicted. Alas all was fine. Early morning on a weekday is the best time to avoid the foot traffic these gorgeous blooms inspire. Before they arrived I shot a time lapse of sorts…


Now, I hope I’m not throwing my girl under the bus mentioning her obsession over the new Bieber song Boyfriend. Chris can judge away, but I’m with Linh. I can’t get enough of this song. I don’t care if it makes me a 14 year old. Justin Timberlake’s thespian adventures left a gaping hole in my pop heart.


Speaking of pop music, this week is sectionals I mean semi-finals for District Karaoke. As this first season wraps up, I must say a big thanks to my amazing team members. I didn’t know any of these people 9 weeks ago and now we’re fast friends. It’s sad to lose some members to another League night or other pressing commitments, but I know they’ll continue to support Team The More We Drink The Better You Sound on our quest for world domination!!!

Team The More We Drink The Better You Sound. Thank you for not commenting on the weirdness that is my disappearing eyebrows. Photo credit: John Jacks Photographie

Saved By the Bell High-Fives!!! Photo credit: John Jacks Photographie

Game Faces!!! Photo credit: John Jacks Photographie

Photo credit: John Jacks Photographie

Here’s me singing the Rihanna hook on Run This Town. I realize now my outfit looked a little macabre yoga meets urban survivalist…but take notice of that eyeliner. I love eyeliner as much as I love Boyfriend. Nay. Greater.