Chris & Linh | Married

Dress: Rosalin’s Bridal Boutique

Cake: Cakes by Long

DJ: DJ Eskada from Scratch Weddings

Photo booth: Traveling Photo Booth

When I arrived at Linh’s parents house to photograph the traditional Chinese tea ceremony, 7 languages filled the home. It was a family reunion drawing from all points across the world. A bridesmaid was called on to translate, from Mandarin to Cantonese, a poem referencing a mother brushing her daughter’s hair and wishing her good luck in her marriage. Linh wore a rose emblazoned, candy pink Vietnamese wedding gown brought over by an aunt for the occasion. The ceremonial hat, which served as the background for the above ring shot, was a rolled and weaved work of incredible craftsmanship. It was really beautiful.

Later we headed to the Hyatt for the formal wedding ceremony and reception. The party that ensued was a dance dance revolution lead by the very awesome DJ Eskada from Scratch Weddings. If you read my blog, you know I love music and I think she is my favorite DJ that I’ve come across. Plus, she wore hot pink earphones. As much as the bride loves pink, I’m sure Linh was tickled. <—- See what I just did there. They also had Blue Steel Lighting Design bathe the ballroom in pretty color awesomeness. Traveling Photo Booth was there providing feathers and sequins to a very receptive crowd. In the final picture, you may recognize former bride Katrina. She’s the one wearing a beer keg on her head. Her husband Jesse’s face is obstructed by the giant, red velvet pimp hat he’s wearing. YOU GUYS!

Anyway, I hope Chris and Linh enjoy the photos as much I loved taking them. You know how in public some couples are gooey romantic and some couples are jokesters. They definitely fall into the latter category. Chris looked at his watch during the first dance. He’s so funny, and the perfect foil to Linh. Underneath Linh’s lady-like exterior is a dry humorist who will just as likely stick out her tongue totally deadpan than smile beatific into the camera. She’s dry. He’s physical humor. Yin. Yang. Perfectly complimentary. They’re going to have a happy marriage. And please. They had a Domo cake topper! Awesome.

This past weekend I photographed the wedding of Dave and Ali out in Virginia’s wine country. So beautiful. Check back soon for that blog post. I’m really looking forward to this weekend’s wedding with Tina & Dobromir. As you can tell, I’m a little busy processing these weddings, but I will totally make time if you want to discuss my new favorite show Nashville. Please. Singing. Big hair. Dreamy song writers. Clearly, I am their demographic. It is. AWESOME. And just in time as Glee – ugh, Glee! So bored. I’ll never understand the American television multi-season model that bleeds the heart out of every good show. Maybe I just have a short attention span.