Okay, kids! It’s the week of Thanksgiving, so that means you have three days to be productive. You’ll spend only half of those actually being productive and the other half searching the internet for edible sequins to bedazzle your Thanksgiving turkey to pay tribute to your soon-to-be-favorite movie, Burlesque, which incidentally opens on Turkey Day! Screw you, Football!

Anyway, let’s have a contest shall we?

1.) Get thee over to the Facebook. “Like” Modern Toile Photography. No, seriously LIKE ME. I need a lot of validation.

2.) Submit your favorite indie love song to be played at weddings. Comments must be made before 12/3/2010 12 pm EST.

3.) I will carefully consider your suggestions, mocking those I deem unworthy, cliche, or played out. Kidding. At least not to your face. Again, kidding. Seriously, this is a trust tree. You’re in a cocoon hanging from a branch of the trust tree. Let it protect you from the scornful glances of contrarian hipsters. The best submission wins a mix tape. Of course, it will actually be a disc. The winner will be announced Sunday 12 /5/2010.

I will compile the list for an upcoming blog post. Ashlynn, this is all for you, my dear!

Jazz hands, Brandy