I totally got made fun of by my best friend, Kristen of The Future Mrs. Darcy, for the watermark I created and used on Gayle & Ian’s engagement session. And so she created me a new one. Sweet thing. You can see the Gayle / Ian images with the new watermark on my Facebook page.

Promise I won’t do anymore rogue graphic design.

I’ll be getting my D.A.N.C.E. on tonight with some friends. A new outfit is required and I found it at Madewell. The very 20-something sales clerk eagerly dressed me in a Lycra skirt of horizontal stripes and a tucked-in silk patterned blouse. She repeatedly told me how young I look, which FYI, 20-somethings, has the OPPOSITE effect of what is intended. I know I look good for my age. Avoiding cigarettes and the sun for 30ish years, suffering the teasing of my paleness by tween boys, will keep the wrinkles at bay and builds character in the process. I didn’t choose the skirt, but she did convince me to buy jeans 1 size too small. So, basically I can’t breathe, but hey… I look cute. Or so she said. Repeatedly. Right up until the point I threw my debit card down.