Dave & Ali | Married

Okay, listen. I’m picking up a trend. Just hear me out:

  • 90210’s David Silver* had a baby with Megan Fox and eschewed Hollywood’s usual wackiduzy name choice, instead opting for something totally normal. He’s named after neither fruit nor fighter jet. A name that will not automatically eliminate the presidency from future job options, though…let’s be honest…how likely is it that the progeny of Megan Fox becomes president? Sorry, kid! Blue Ivy will clean up delegates. * The original 90210, not that spin-off that even I can’t watch. And trust me… I watch Vampire Diaries, so I’m not the most discriminating.
  • Kate Middleton wore a wedding gown with sleeves and lace.
  • Ali, upon marrying Dave, wore her mom’s wedding gown.

I think this makes a compelling argument that tradition is the new avant garde.

Wearing your mom’s gown is significant. Added to the fact that Ali included her mom in her wedding party and it was one of the sweetest weddings. One very non-traditional element Ali & Dave incorporated was the assignment of the celebration’s own Twitter hashtag, #hipsterunion.  (<—– Side note: link to a really awesome article by Slate’s Julia Turner on the economic genius of #s.) I believe the father of the bride was live tweeting.

(Admission: I’m not into to Twitter. I have a bird-like attention span already focused on the shiny, shiny of Etsy & Pinterest. Maybe if you engage me @ModernToile I’ll love it. Go ahead. Pity follow.)

Speaking of Etsy, I recently listed a new print.

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