Designed to Procrastinate :: Modern Toile Photography


I’m procrastinating. Blogging only makes me feel productive when I’m not doing what I should be doing. I have: edits to complete, inspiration to find, a gym to hit, french to learn, chicken to crock pot, film to buy and taxes to file. Once a potential client pointed out that my blog wasn’t updated as much as other photographers. Although my response was not meant to glib, I suppose saying “I guess those photographers don’t do their laundry” could be construed as such. I didn’t book that client. Oops.

Anyway, I may not be diligent about blogging this week or the next. At the risk of sounding like that annoying girl from your biology class who ran on and on about how much homework she has, when you had the exact same amount, I’ll just say this: Spring is BUSY. January & February, not so much. During the winter I spend hours starring blankly into the abyss of the internet. Spring rolls around and I suddenly feel the way most adults feel ALL THE TIME. I’m trying to tie up loose ends, delivering images and albums to clients before heading to Paris. Plus, I have three exciting projects this week. I’ll be photographing a gallery opening in Georgetown, second shooting a wedding with the awesome Debi Parker-Keating and an engagement session with Ariel and David.

Friday’s exhibit at the Susan Calloway Fine Arts gallery is first. I’ll be sure to blog images of the event that honors locals Robert Rea, artist, and Frank Randolph, interior designer. I will try my best not to gush in an unbecoming manner – even though in an alternate world I’d be an interior designer. Speaking of interior design, I am now hooked on the HGTV show called Secrets from a Stylist. This addiction helps me procrastinate more effectively.

Okay, back to edits. Toodles.