Drum Roll Please….

Congratulations to Lisa! Her submission of Ra Ra Riot’s “Can You Tell” was the best indie wedding song according to, well….me!  Lisa wins the mix tape! Thanks to everyone who entered. Your song ideas will be included in this week’s blog post highlighting interesting and lesser known songs perfect for weddings.

I hope everyone had a nice Thanksgiving! Mine was great, if not ridiculously expensive. Just a tip, friendly readers, one should always ask the price before

  • special ordering from a butcher shop
  • especially when the butcher shop is so pretty you think “This is where celebrity chefs must shop for their tv show.”
  • requesting a “Frenched” cut of meat

Despite the expense of the One Hundred and Fifty Dollar non-turkey pork roast, it was a lovely meal shared with members of my urban family. After stuffing myself with butter and carbs, I broke up with my skinny jeans. Now, I don’t have to buy her a Christmas gift, which is convenient since I overspent my holiday budget on a fancy roast. Sure, there were tears, but you know sometimes one needs a break from all that clinginess.  We’ll reunite after New Year’s…we always do.

Love, Brandy