Engaged: Ali and Dave



This is Ali & Dave, whose wedding is on Sweetest Day in October. We hung out in Old Town over Labor Day weekend and these are my favorites from their engagement session. They’re one of those really healthy, vegan, cyclist couples that make running seem cute and romantic.  I run  I will run…if a bear is chasing me. Yeah, come to think about it, they make the cupcake I ate for breakfast seem like a bad choice. Whatever. Look, if I have to defend myself (which I totally don’t, but I will) the cupcakes were a birthday surprise from my good friend who stopped by to let my puppy out while we were at the Florence + the Machine concert. We got home sooo late from Meriweather Post Pavillion, that I just fell into bed without eating one. So, I mean…it would be rude not to eat one. After all, Susan went to all that trouble to pick them up from Buzz.

Last night was a great night for an outdoor concert venue. It was the first night you could really feel Fall in the air. Florence was great. The set is beautiful as is she in her lithe art deco / Grecian dress. I only wish she would’ve performed Between Two Lungs, but perhaps much of her first album calls for a more intimate setting.

The opening act was The Weeknd. Not spelled “The Weekend” because a third “e” would be lame. And a lot less confusing. He sings the hook on Drakes’s “Crew Love” His voice is amazing. Do check him out, only not on Spotify – he’s not there.

Okay, so tonight is puppy class and Saturday is Chris & Linh’s very much anticipated wedding day!!! I’ll have lots to share soon. Take care.