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Well hello there.

It’s Oscar Sunday. In my house – this is huge. Bigger than the Super Bowl huge. My husband, who took two (count ’em 1…2, people) film classes in college, considers himself something of a film buff. I consider him a film snob. That’s not an insult. I think everyone should have one thing that they’re snobby about. I’m snobby about music. He’s snobby about movies. Oh…sorry…FILMS. My husband’s Netflix queue, filled with “unflinching dramas” and “cerebral foreign films” is his way of reminding me that in this couple, he is the arbiter of taste. Oh, sure. He’ll sit through my occasional light comedy…let’s say – I Love You, Man! with Paul Rudd, but he’s quick to point out scenes that ran too long and should have been edited differently. Then comes a shrug and the look of disdain. I live for that look. LIVE for it! It is hilarious. In fact, that eye roll is a gift. It’s milk in a saucer that I lap up like a kitten. Oh, but give him some three hours of subtitles…bonus points if it stars Klaus Kinski. With his 2 film classes, he’s educated just enough to be dangerous.

Tonight we’ll be watching and debating the Oscars. Bring it home, Colin Firth! And thank you in advance for rocking some Tom Ford on the red carpet, your legion of long-time female fans always appreciate that.

In other non-Oscar news, I’m working to set up an Etsy shop.  I hope to flip the open sign very soon.