Fashion Shoot | Ann Weaver


Fact: It’s a successful shoot when you don’t get arrested for trespassing.

These are some images from an upcoming book authored by the model, Ann Weaver. I’ve worked with Ann before on another book project, so it was fun to hang out with her again. She graciously granted me permission to post some of what we shot while the book is still in production. It’s a project that follows her first book of knit patterns inspired by Moby-Dick. Did you know that dj Moby got his name from the book written by his grandfather, Herman Melville? Why do I know that? Oh, right! My brain is entirely made up of song lyrics and useless pop culture trivia.

Oh, Moby! I used to listen to him ALL the time. Let’s reminisce over the 90’s……That was nice. The 90’s are the theme for this week’s District Karaoke. I am a fully committed member of my team, but I draw the line at recreating the infamous lip liner / clear gloss look of yesteryear. What are your favorite 90’s songs? My list is way shorter than my 80’s favorites list. I am not nostalgic at all for the 90’s. Granted hip hop was in its heyday. Sometimes The Smashing Pumpkins will come on the radio and I lunge to turn it off. I. Just. Can’t.

For me, Linger was the song. Way more than No Doubt’s Don’t Speak.

But really, I was obsessed with Tori Amos. I even dyed by hair Ronald McDonald red before a show once. It is a testament of my then-boyfriend-now-husband’s affection for me that he didn’t laugh in my face. Because it was ridiculous. Even then I knew I had crossed the line.

I am anticipating the Lauryn Hill comeback.

And finally, Hole covering Fleetwood Mac.