Fever isn’t such a new scene…fever started long ago

I’m sick. My eyes are glassy with a fever, which somehow called to mind this photo. I’ve done one productive thing today, I walked to the library. Inclement weather is predicted for tomorrow in the DC area and I can’t be caught without something to read. Nick Hornby’s Juliet, Naked is now lying open, spine up, cast aside for my laptop.  I have two things to share. First, the book Style Statement by Carrie McCarthy & Danielle LaPorte.

This is the book most recommended to my girlfriends, but it’s not just for women. It’s for anyone who wishes to apply words to one’s aesthetic. Brand yourself! My bff is currently reading it and if the number of emails documenting her thought process is an indication – she loves it! Through guided journaling you determine what two words define your style. Use it to distill your thoughts, help you be a more effective shopper for clothing and furniture. Gain confidence in they way you present yourself to the world, knowing that it’s deliberate, authentic and personal. Personally, it helped me focus. For someone who is so visually stimulated I run the risk of being diverted from my own aesthetic path. My statement has helped me clarify what I love so I am less likely to be lost or unduly influenced by others.

In case you’re wondering what my style statement is, it is this:

The book defines a “Cherished” both in terms of their spirit and their look and feel.

Spirit: A collector of friends, experiences, and well-worn things; when a Cherished loves you, you know it. Cherished is deeply sentimental, though not necessarily stuck in the past, because Cherished is always endeavoring to create new life experiences and memories. They love to celebrate, venture out, and bring good people and worthy causes together. Cherished adores hearing or telling a good story and have plenty of them to share. Natural and gleeful caretakers, Cherised has an abundance of nurturing energy and affection, which is generously given to strengthen and sustain. They can be generous to a fault and need to remember that they do not have to save the world – caring for themselves first and foremost is a great way to be of service. With an unshakable values system and moral compass, Cherished can be remarkably determined and focused. Love is its strength.

Look & Feel: If there’s a story behind it, it works for Cherished! Nostalgic, sentimental, culturally rich, and diverse. Personalized, attention to detail, inviting. Because Cherished can be both “in the moment” and “in the past,” fashion and decor can be a combination of the simple and contemporary, vintage and Old World.

My best friend, Sarah, is trying on the word “Organic” to see if it fits.

Spirit: Organic is a divine dichotomy; practical but spontaneous, structured but flowing. The disposition of Organic is like that of bamboo – light, incredibly strong, growing freely and prolifically. Organic is mindful of the connections between parts, whether in relationships, systems, or physical things. They keenly sense what’s going on (never miss a thing!) and what need to happen in order to create harmony and ease – Organic strives to unify. They are commonsensical, practical, and organized, and adore systems and solutions that simplify or create ease and efficiency. The challenge for Organic is to accept change without overthinking it, to trust what they already know is true. Organic is wholesome with pure intentions. Their feet are on the ground, and they are in tune with the natural order, seasons, and stages of living and working.

Look & Feel: Organic’s aesthetic is based on sensuality, quality, and construction – whether structured or flowing, shape is important. Timeless or simplistic styles, and handcrafted, socially responsible or eco-friendly materials. Layered aromas, rich textures, enduring and natural fabrics and substances; hearty and sturdy; never static, always changing; free from manufacturing, over-processing, and chemicals. Pure, essential, enduring.

Since we’re talking about style and fashion, the second thing I have to share is a website called The Lookbook. Check it out. Get inspired. Report back.

January 11, 2011 - 10:41 am

Kristen (a.k.a. The Future Mrs. Darcy) - I have YET AGAIN stalled on my Style Statement. Bad bad bad. I also bought eyeshadow with sparkles in it and I probably should have texted you to discuss first. BUT I think I have music for you to investigate: Ariel Pink’s “Round and Round”. The artist is described as a “long-celebrated psych-pop maestro”. You have to listen to the whole bit on itunes though because it’s like 4 songs in one.