Foolapalooza 2011 :: Modern Toile Photography

So a long, long time ago I worked in corporate America. I shudder to remember that time in my life. I had a window-less cube in a soul-less environment. To survive, I broke the day up into the 4-hour intervals before and after lunch and set goals for myself:

  1. Get through the day with a shred of my humanity in tact.
  2. Don’t jump out the window (A throw-away goal set to make me feel good – like getting a point on a test for spelling one’s name correctly. Windows were reserved for executives, sooo…it would have been awkward to jump out a window had I wanted.)
  3. Plan an exit strategy. Bingo!!! I nailed this. It’s called Modern Toile Photography. Suck it, Corporate America. Oooh sorry. That came out more angry than I intended.

My experience with corporate America couldn’t be further from what I’ve observed of The Motley Fool, who asked me to document their annual meeting. The Washingtonian ranked The Motley Fool as one of the Great Places to Work and I can see why. You get to work with people like this guy:

and this guy:

Plus it’s a work-hard, play-hard culture:

The daytime activities were followed by a puzzle hunt designed by Todd Etter. This is perhaps more challenging to visually interpret without context. Teams were challenged with a puzzle to solve which required a series of activities to be performed. One of the activities involved a message encoded on a keyboard. A black light was used to read the invisible ink.

The annual meeting was held at the Rocky Gap Lodge and Golf Resort, a very nice facility.

So there you have it. Thank you, Angelique (and everyone else) for including me in Foolapalooza.

Check back soon as I’ll be posting more photos from Paris as well as a sneak peek of Ariel & David’s wedding from this past weekend. It was a GORGEOUS ceremony. Two incredibly lovely people made a commitment for life, making me cry like a baby. Despite tears – the new liquid eyeliner totally didn’t smudge, so y’know…that was awesome. This weekend I’m traveling again – heading to New York for a little soiree honoring Kristen of The Future Mrs. Darcy!

June 1, 2011 - 11:56 am

Maya - Nicely done, Darling. Good vibrancy and clarity (from one geek to another).