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Hey all,

This week, I’m dog sitting my Golden Retriever buddy, Roscoe (P. Coltrane), which means Roscoe’s mommy left me her car. You know what that means? I’m taking the opportunity to work outside my home office and away from the coffee shop / library options in walking distance. I drove for a change of scenery. I plan to camp out at this corner booth until the good people at Panera kick me out. I’m engaged in a little professional development. Namely, teaching myself SEO and blogging / marketing¬† best practices. When I checked the professional photographer career box, I had no idea that most of my time would be spent at a computer. Most people don’t realize that. I get “You’re a photographer?!!! That must be fun!” a lot at cocktail parties. That’s a common perception.


It is fun. I mean…not Terry Richardson* fun. Ew! I do have a flexible schedule, work with awesome people, and get to be fluent in cool photography slang. Only a small amount of my time is spent photographing. A lot of time is spent sitting at a computer administrating a business i.e. just like you. I enjoy editing photos, the creative aspect can be quite meditative, but that’s only a small bit. No one tells you in school that you’d better become an expert in 10 other not-at-all related business sub-topics.

*I would reference Terry Richardson, but Panera deems him NSFW! Yeah. So, now you get “not Terry Richardson fun”

While I bore myself to death with SEO tutorials, trying to fix all the stupidly ineffective and possibly counter-productive things I’ve done to my blog over the last 2 years, I’ll leave you with pretty things to look at. This is a treasury list curated by Alice of Blue Lobster Prints.¬† She is a gifted and imaginative illustrator with a panache for animals. Her Etsy storefront features whimsical cards for all occasions. I’m lucky to be included on her personal mailing list. In fact, her hand-drawn, screen-printed Valentine’s card from a few years back is now framed and hangs in my living room. I cherish it. Alice and I met when we both worked at Paper Source. She’s in my top 5 list of funniest girlfriends. We have a healthy pen-pal debate over who’s hotter, Ewan McGregor or Micheal Fassbender. For my part, I’m all about Ewan, always have been. Until a recent viewing of Jane Eyre, Fassy looked like the kind of guy who wouldn’t bother to learn your name or (gasp!) spoon. I must concede. If I squint, I can see it. Warning to those who go see Shame, it might dampen established quivers. I’m just saying. It’s not called Shame for nothing. We also have a deep mutual admiration of Cee Lo. More than anything I wanted to be cast on The Voice to convince Cee Le to go live in Alice’s shirt pocket. She’s also a soon-to-be bride. Eeeek! I MIGHT be more excited than her.

‘Somewhere Beyond the Sea’ by BlueLobsterPrints

Modern Fiber Art Soft Sculpt…


Blue Coral – Large Watercolo…


2 Jointed Flitch in Sustaina…


Print from my Illustration 5…


Offering No. 23 – Handstitch…


Sandpiper and Coral Button S…


Lighthouse Rustic Nautical d…


Recycled Chenille Sea Urchin…


Australian Pelican totem ani…


Demeter Pearl Earrings


Flight 8×12 Fine Art Print


The Maiden


Green Sea Urchin Shell


Natural Driftwood Slab Air P…


Leafy Sea Dragon – archival …


wooden humpback whale waldor…


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