Ghost of Foolish Past

Dayana, toy music instrument enthusiast and 1/2 of the band Addieville.

R: Jill in her prolific and later regretted pose: finger to the pouty mouth. L: Hidden Histories author, Michael Pope, photobombing a crowd scene. Well played, Sir.

One of my favorite wedding couples, Jesse & Katrina.

Tonight is my husband’s office holiday party. As a freelance photographer who spends her weekends watching other people party hearty, I look forward to this night every year. It’s a four-hour dance party all to myself. I don’t even care if I end up dancing alone. I have 52 weekends of dance built up and it needs releasing. I’ve shot various events for The Motley Fool and a couple employee weddings (Tom & Ursula and Jesse & Katrina). Even the book launch from October was 2 degrees of Fool separation. A whole bunch of Fools supported the Alexandria Film Festival, which I very much appreciated.

Here are some photos I took at the ‘o9 Holiday Party.

That was the night of Snowpocalypse. Charly & I ended up staying in a hotel after cabs began refusing service around 11 p.m. due to the inclement weather. At the time, I thought the snow wouldn’t accumulate as predicted and in the morning all would be fine. Except is wasn’t. I woke in a panic to realize that if we didn’t get ourselves to the Metro QUICK LIKE, the trains would shut down and we’d be snowbound in a hotel room with only the party clothes on our backs and our only means of food would be the vending machine. Wow. Urban survivalists we are not.  So, in 3″ open-toe suede heels and inappropriate outerwear, I trudged through 6″ snow, down a steep hill to the Rossyln stop. All while packed down in camera equipment. The walk from the next station to our apartment wasn’t much better. When finally home, the first thing I did, after thawing in a warm bath, was order Wellies online.

Tonight, however, no harsh weather is predicted. A fun time had by all is expected. If I can only decide which dress to wear with this necklace. Check out this Etsy shop. Pam’s stuff is really great!

Source: via Brandy on Pinterest