Halloween Extravaganza

Kristen as the Lawrence Welk Sister from Saturday Night Live

Today is the day after Halloween. Today should be Thank a Teacher Because Your Child Snorted Pixie Sticks At The Bus Stop Day. Today is also my friend Kristen’s 30th birthday. Readers know Kristen as The Future Mrs. Darcy. We attended her mandatory under punishment of death SNL theme costume party this weekend. Hilarity ensued.

My own costume was too conceptual to translate well visually. That’s a fancy way of saying my idea sucked. To be fair, I have friends extremely dedicated to costumes and general pageantry as you can see here:

Sarah as Gilly from Saturday Night Live

Renee as Collette Reardon from Saturday Night Live

Jenn as Yortuk Festrunk and Amanda as Linda Richman from Saturday NIght Live

I got little sleep, consumed too many units of alcohol, and haven’t stopped humming Kokomo in three days…hardly a sacrifice in honor of a great friend. Happy birthday, Kristen! You are more than a friend. You’re a creative collaborator and your energy sustains me. Love you!

November 2, 2010 - 8:56 am

Kristen - YAY!! Previews to keep us sustained!!!! Thank you again for setting up the booth and for the fabulous photos!!!!!!!!!!!!