Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving! I hope you are spending the day with family and friends eating a ton of carbs.

There are a number of people who deserve my heartfelt thanks this year. First off, Debi of Debi Parker Photography, who trusted me to second shoot weddings all season. I am very, very fortunate to have developed a professional and personal relationship with someone so generous of heart, knowledge and laughter. She might recognize the above photo from our trip to Philly. A great weekend, in which I’ll cherish the memory of the Joey Fatone look-alike with his too-long, too-close, side-hug, and very Jersey “What up, bitches?” catchphrase. Also, Kristen of The Future Mrs. Darcy, for the countless ways she supports me, even now as a brand new mom. Isn’t it amazing to watch your girlfriends become mothers? To Sarah, who deserves accolades for the incredible job of raising two awesome human beings. She also deserves credit for protecting me from bad shoe choices. My husband, who did not complain once that I missed EVERY Octoberfest beer festival this Fall. Or when I made him paint ceilings. And like…he’s actually kinda maybe starting to get into fashion. I mean, they’re baby steps, but I’ll take it. Seriously, my boy is lately rocking some hot footwear. My goodness. Shoes & hair, two of my favorite boy traits. And finally, a big congratulations to Tiffany on her engagement to Dave. Tiffany and I have known each other nearly 25 years. She remembers me as the 10-year-old audiophile in the making, who never met a power ballad she didn’t like and had an unhealthy leaning toward soft rock. I was totally Yacht Rock before Yacht Rock was so uncool it was cool to hipsters, making it both cool and uncool in equal measure. In other words, I was a total nerd. I can remember her as a boy crazy tween with NKOTB posters serving as wallpaper. And yes, she had more. And yes, it WAS a competition. She has a talent for joy and a capacity for love greater than most. She’s also a gorgeous creature. She’ll make the perfect bride.

I’m pre-writing this to publish on Thanksgiving, so it’s kinda like time travel. I’m the Brandy of the past writing for the Brandy of the future. Past Brandy, which is to say Present Brandy, is consumed with creating the perfect mix-tape for our tween Thanksgiving hostess. After her dad admitted he hadn’t bought a new song in nearly a decade, I gasped and decided his 11-year old daughter required my tutelage by way of a mix-tape. Said mix-tape has swelled to a ridiculous 200+ song count. One song that did not make the list, but I can’t get out of my head, is by ZZ Ward. Enjoy.

ZZ Ward – Better Off Dead from Burning Corners on Vimeo.

Good, right? Doesn’t she kind of remind you of a more gravelly Diana Krall? No. Maybe it’s just her looks and that hat. And the piano. Otherwise, you’re right. Nothing about her is at all like Diana Krall.

Peace the turkey out.