Have Camera. Will Travel.

The super sexy lens arrived yesterday just in time for this weekend’s assignment: Danielle & Phillip’s wedding reception at the Phipps Conservatory in Pittsburgh.¬† Their wedding was held in Nevis at a private (and oh so gorgeous) ceremony.¬† They’re throwing a fantastic eco-friendly reception for friends and family and asked me to document the loveliness.¬† I said YESSSS!!! with three exclamation points worth of enthusiasm.¬† “Jeeves, pack me a bag.¬† I’m headed to Pittsburgh.”¬† Oh, wait…I don’t have a man-servant.¬† I always forget that.

About the bride:

Those of us in DC who commute on the Metro pass the time in a variety of ways.¬† Some read.¬† Danielle knits.¬† A LOT.¬† So much so that she started a knitting business, Knit-a-Gogo.¬† If you’ve ever wondered about stitches & purls…she’s your girl.¬† Check out her classes.¬† Knitting instruction would make a great gift for those crafty friends who rubber stamp and know what embossing means.