How do you say, “Riding the Vicodin Parade” en Francais?

Alternate Title: Je Ne Sais What?

Alternate Alternate Title:  To The Window, To The Twahl

While dining with an old friend* this week, I was asked about the origins of the name Modern Toile.  It all started with a magical blue sweater.

Toile, pronounced twahl, literally means fabric or canvas.  Canvas is potential.  The name struck me as apropos for a wedding photography business.  Toile is a pattern often found on China patterns.  China patterns are selected when one marries.  The pastoral scenes of the fabric documented a history of people, as does photography.

cue chimes

The color in the Banana Republic catalog was “Magical Blue.”¬† I ordered my husband one gorgeous, but still manly peacock blue sweater to wear to his office holiday party.¬† It was the perfect juxtaposition to my own chartreuse dress.¬† The day it arrived, I was very excited.¬† My husband indulged me in a rare fashion show.¬† I ran to retrieve my dress and heels.¬† Moments later with dress and shoes in hand, I barreled down the carpeted stairs barefoot, slipped and landed on hardwood floor HARD.¬† Pop went my bone.¬† Tears!!!¬† Oh, the tears!¬† Diagnosis: broken foot.

And now for the pathetically anti-climatic ending to the story:¬† I went to the party in a cast.¬† No pretty dress.¬† Just jeans.¬† I wasn’t going to ruin a gorgeous dress with a cast.¬† Come on, people!

My recovery was spent thinking up a name for my to-be-formed photography business.¬† I found Vicodin helped with the higher-level, abstract thoughts.¬† With a broken foot, the only strolling of which I was capable of was the Internet variety. ¬† Design*Sponge (I heart you!) posted a pillow with Toile de Jouy fabric.¬† My non-french speaking self saw “Jouy” and it reminded me of Joy.¬† Happy! Happy! Joy! Joy!¬† I tried it on.¬† It fit.

*the friendship is old, not the friend