Hugo & Roxie :: Engaged


Good morning, Sunshine!

This here is a Hugo & Roxie. They’re getting married next year in Bethesda! Roxie came to me through a referral (Hi, Leslie!) I really like these two. We like the same music. Watch the same shows. And they share the same height discrepancy that my husband & I do. I didn’t ask but I wonder what height of heels Roxie will wear to the wedding. I went with a stable 2.5 peep toe myself. Of course, that was back in the day of Dyables. Do you remember those? Back then you couldn’t safely get away with anything taller because that built in platform hadn’t been invented yet. If I ever meet the person who said…”Eureka! Give the arches a break and put a discreet platform on the front of that shoe.” I will buy them a fancy elderflower infused gin cocktail. Am I right?

Fancy cocktails puts me in mind of summer. Since my boys, Franz Ferdinand, are back on the scene with an upcoming album, summer can official begin. Lose your mind, people. This is exciting!



Oh! If you’re looking for an awesome wedding venue idea…check out Breathe-inn located in the Catskills. Then promptly hire me because I’m dying, dying for a reason to visit. Wasn’t the Catskills where Baby carried a watermelon, was put in a corner, until she had the time of life dancing in a see-through white dress in a river? <—– That is my nearly perfect, frame by frame, visual memory of Dirty Dancing and my only reference to the Catskills. (Aside: wasn’t that soundtrack epic in the 4th grade?) An East Coast transplant, I’ve not spent a lot of time in New York outside of trips to Manhattan. Should I go? Is it a thing? Breathe-inn looks like a really cool B&B. My one and only experience with a B&B was full of doilies, chotchkes….oh my god…so many chotchkes and awkward conversation…I thought I was forever off B&Bs. Then I saw this place and it looks so amazing. It has a yoga studio. I mean, right?

House update: I ordered more Flor tiles because their marketing is so damn effective and their product happens to be really great, but mostly THE CATALOGS. They’re so pretty. It’s porn to design lovers. So, here is my super contrived Apartment Therapy-esque staged new living room rug. It looked like this for exactly 30 seconds before the dog pile-drived the sofa.



Just look at that hipster succulent. The blogosphere is lying when they tell you they’re hardy. That stupid diva plant only wants southerly views, well tough, Succulent! We live in a row house. Deal. With. It.

The most awesome paint roller arrived from The Painted House. Check out their Etsy shop. The rollers allow you to achieve a wallpapered look simply with paint. This is cooler than that time I found removable wallpaper, which happens to be crazy expensive. I ordered pattern No. 9 – an organic repeating pattern that implies tree branches without being quite so literal.

Finally, a big happy birthday to our God daughter, Fiona! She’s a whole 2 years old! Mwah!Fiona