I like to spell colour with a superfluous “u”

I am moving. If you’re one of the first 16 friends whose address I could remember / find before paper crafting supplies ran short, then you’ll be receiving one of these babies via snail mail alerting you to this fact. Lucky you!

Moving means one thing: paint chips!

I have been in search of the perfect yellow paint: a clear, bright, saturated yellow, more to the green side than the orange side, a hint of mustard, but not too much to render it muddy. I sent off for samples from Farrow & Ball, which apply like a dream, but the colors were wrong. Then I researched Ralph Lauren only to learn the line had been discontinued at Home Depot. Ugh! Not to worry, my inspiration was in my purse: my Sadie wallet from Hobo. I found the perfect color in Behr’s pale French gold.

Sadie wallet in Merigold

Color is physics!¬† Whether it’s painted on a wall or a snapshot of the first yellow tulips of the season posted to Facebook, it all comes down to light. With the painted wall, color is rendered by light reflecting off of the surface. Your computer monitor is different, light is passing through the monitor. So why do the yellow tulips look green or orange on your computer screen?¬† Well, most monitors are not color calibrated. Have you ever looked at tv’s at Best Buy? The tv’s are always showing the same program, but one tv looks greener and another is more red. It’s the same thing with monitors.

This is why professional photographers (like moi) take steps to ensure our monitors are calibrated, so you get the best possible image. Although I present work to clients with an online gallery, unless it’s viewed on a calibrated monitor, it’s not the most accurate color rendition.

But, hey, I’m picky. Really picky. You only need to see the 50 rejected yellow paints to prove it.

Find out your colorstrology.

March 6, 2010 - 9:18 am

Lisa Ridgely - I love your moving announcements! They are really my most favorite I’ve seen, and do you know how much paper I look at?

Happy you’ve found the perfect yellow! Can’t wait to see pictures when it’s all done!!

March 6, 2010 - 9:52 am

Brandy - Oh thanks, Lisa! I did sacrifice a page from my dictionary in the process, but I think it was worth it. I don’t think I’ll notice that missing page…well, unless I look up “avian.”

March 6, 2010 - 8:50 pm

Veronica - Blurry or not, I think I know your new nest!

I love yellow walls, our place is full of them.