Julie & Jason | Charming Courthouse Wedding

It started with an 8:00 am text from my friend Kevin in Europe, “Secret elopement in Charlottesville…interested?” Well yeah! Charlottesville + Fall = Gorgeous.  Plus, (and I can’t put enough emphasis here) there’s a Steak-n-Shake on the way. Kevin was acting as a sort of wedding planner for his friends Julie and Jason, who, while living an ocean apart, decided to elope. They decided on a quiet weekend stay at Prospect Hill. So exactly 9 days later I met Julie and Jason at the courthouse for a really sweet afternoon.


This weekend we head back down south, this time to Richmond, for my husband’s first half-marathon. As of 8 months ago he was not a runner. He’s been training diligently and I’m really proud of him. I was supposed to join him, but getting pregnant is a really great excuse to not run. Untitled-2