Kennedy Center

Hey all,

I hope your weekend has been awesome. Mine has been. The holiday party Friday was super fun mostly because of the dancing. During A-ha’s “Take On Me” I mimed the entire video, complete with a shoulder to the wall to escape comic book jail. It was an inspired dance move if I do say so myself. Today, though, I had a chance to photograph at a Kennedy Center luncheon before a performance of The Nutcracker. I have a super short turn around on these images so I don’t have time to blog about this now, but check back this week; I’ll use this image to explain a little about photography, specifically focal length and how it’s used to capture images. By the way, this image is straight out of the camera, only a little bit of sharpening. No Photoshop. Wanna learn how? You’ll have to wait! ‘Til then.