Knits: Jessica & Lisa


Wow. Look who’s posting, what? twice in one week. So, here’s a quick sneak peek from my ongoing project. I can’t show more just yet. I had a lot of great images and eventually I can show more, but for now I picked my favorites. Jessica (top) is the brains and the beauty behind Atelier-36 a boutique branding agency for fashion designers. She also happens to be a very cool mom. Lisa (bottom) from Lisa Boggs Photography is my friend and an awesome photographer in her own right. My thanks to Jessica and Lisa for modeling.

Also, I want to mention that my team will be competing in District Karaoke semi-finals next week. We’re very excited and taking things way, way serious as reputations and bragging rights are on the line. Here is a photo of me from 80’s week. It’s hard to tell in this Instagram, but my hair is really big. REALLY big. So impressively big that I was asked to teach a woman born in 1988 how to tease hair. AND THAT, my friends, is the first time I’ve ever felt really, really old. When the upcomers don’t know, like instinctively, how to tease hair.

Also we got a kitty. Her name is Olive. It’s true love.