Mark Turns 1 :: Modern Toile Photography

They grow up so fast. Just a year ago I photographed Mark for his birth announcement and now it’s cupcakes at his first birthday party. Where does the time go? Mark is the son of our friends, Rachel & Jason. Rachel, an architect, has been staying at home this past year to care for Mark. She still maintains her blog, Architecture Babble. I have nothing more taxing than an air plant to look after. Most of the time, I forget it exists. Reason #32 you might not ask me to watch your child: see that photo of Mark in the grass? Is he putting something in his mouth? It didn’t occur to me to prevent that. I promise when I do become pregnant, I’ll read a few books that tell me things like: don’t let toddlers graze on lawn clippings. Sorry, Rache. Contrary to my complete incompetence, I love babies. I fell in love with Mark’s friends. They are sooo friggin’ cute! Babies are the best to photograph because their skin is so luminous, it requires no special Photoshop magic to make it sing.

Speaking of singing, I want to share this video. Remember videos?

Okay, I love this video for so many reasons. 1.) That candy colored pinky-yellow rich tone that I love so much. 2.) Urkel can dance. 3.) Cee Lo Green has been chipping away at his career for….well, forever. I was a freshman in college when I first saw an early video of his at a Blockbuster Music. Remember those? See what I just did there. I did that hipster thing where I tell you that I’ve been listening to something like 5 years before you. Well. Can I help it if it’s true? I’m sorry. I’ll stop being a hipster now.

You know, MTV just turned 30. To celebrate they reran the first hour of broadcast. How quaint. Want to take a mocking walk down memory lane? Okay. Check out Flavorwire’s Much-Loved Music Videos That Are Actually Terrible list. I agreed with most of these, except George Michael’s Freedom. Under what criteria is that video terrible? It starred a young Linda Evangelista who wouldn’t get out of bed for less than $10,000. We used to have models. MODELS spelled with capital letters. Now we have it-girls who breathe too much when they act. We get it, girls. You FEEL. You’re emoting. Linda Evangelista didn’t have to breathe to emote. In fact, Linda Evangelista didn’t have to breathe (full stop). Kids today.

August 8, 2011 - 4:56 pm

Babbler - Don’t worry- I think it was a goldfish. Incredibly beautiful photos! I think I might need to buy them and make a book :]
I’m so glad you were there to capture Mark at all these important events!