New Print on Etsy :: Modern Toile Photography.

Night Bus

There’s a new Etsy listing and I’m excited because I just had the original matted and framed to hang in my new house. It has a very retro feel appropriate for the Mid-century row house we now own. Shot at night on a vintage camera during a long exposure, it’s now been digitally scanned making it the newest / oldest addition to my Wanderlust series.

So, I’ve been a little radio silent as I painstakingly painted ceilings and did a little non-dominant free-handing. Who needs tape?  All our stuff is now moved in. Unpacking continues. During that process we had an earthquake and a hurricane threaten us. Phew. I can’t believe nothing broke during the earthquake. I had a glass lamp sitting precariously on the edge of the kitchen counter to help paint the corners. I also had all my framed art leaning on the walls. Nothing broke. Chalk it up to 1955 construction.

Friends keep insisting on photos. Here are a few quickly taken on my iPhone in between coats of paint. I promise to do a proper staged shoot a la Apartment Therapy, with a real camera, when all my art is hung, rugs are straight, and accessories are just so. Until then, please forgive the poor quality.

In the top image, you’ll see the living room had a flat, yellowy tan shade of blah. Why flat, I ask you? I chose Lyndhurst Gallery Beige in satin for the walls. It’s a substantial warm-grey neutral that accepts everything. Ah. I love it soooo freaking much. The kitchen received a bit of hot-orange persimmon color. Not too much, just a little. It’s such a happy color. It was around hour 25 of painting that I talked myself out the chevron pattern on a 25 foot wall. Maybe I’ll revisit that idea again in the future. For now….I simply can’t. My resolve weakened. I’m getting too busy to undertake the scope of that project. I will be second shooting a lot of weddings this Fall with Debi Parker Photography. Also, I’m working on upcoming blog posts featuring some recent weddings and yesterday’s fashion shoot for Fibre Space with the lovely Daphne. Stay tuned.