Operation: Blue Steel

Sadly, I will not be able to throw a surprise party for all future brides.¬† It’s not that you’re not special, it’s just that secret keeping is not my forte.¬† Ursula, the bride-to-be pictured below was lucky.¬† She’s lucky for a number reasons, not the least of which has to do with her adorably handsome fiance.¬† She’s also lucky to have some really great co-workers, one of whom happens to be my adorably handsome husband.¬† In anticipation of her wedding, we scheduled an engagement session, but her co-workers came to me with the idea for a surprise party.¬† I, lover of all things surprising, was in like Flynn.

Then a tiny wrench seized the cogs.¬† The groom had to fly to Brazil for work the night of our photo session / surprise party.¬† The only way to make it work was to cancel the photo sesssion & push up the time of the party.¬† All the while Ursula & Tom thought they were meeting me for photos.¬† Well, they were, just not in the way they thought.¬† Finally, it was my time to deliver the happy couple to their friends at the local Irish pub.¬† My lie was delivered flawlessly.¬† “So, I envision this photo of the two of you in this booth at the bar next door.¬† There is really pretty carved wood, which would make for a nice backdrop.¬† I’ll shoot from a low angle and the light will be dim and romantic.” They bought it.¬† Surprise!¬† Yay, happy fun!

I’m so excited to shoot their wedding on September 12th.¬† It is going to a super intimate and gorgeous (I’ve seen the dress!) ceremony with an organic brunch immediately following.¬† When they leave the farm, they will head to the airport where a plane will whisk them off to PARIS.¬† Just to be clear, that’s Paris, France not Paris, Tennessee.¬† Yes, such a place exists.¬† Go look at a map.¬† I’ll wait…operationbluesteel2-4After the groom-to-be bounced off to Brazil, a few of us took Ursula out.¬† It was kind of like an impromptu bachelorette party for her male buddies, like these two.¬† Very Ken Cosgrove and Harry Crane!operationbluesteel2-51Hilarity ensued the rest of the evening, but those pics are on Facebook!

August 19, 2009 - 4:26 am

Arno Dimmling - What a wonderful surprise. Never in her life has Ursula been caught so completely unaware. Believe me, I know, I was there all those years. Great photos of a great memory! I look forward to meeting you at the wedding. Thanks for taking the time to help make this a special event in our daughters life.

August 19, 2009 - 12:50 pm

Liz Dimmling - Need I say that was the first time Ursula was truly surprised in her entire life?? I don’t think she’ll ever forget it. Thank you Brandy! Look forward to meeting you, Liz
Weird. I just read my husband’s comment and it was just like mine. Told you Brandy. First time. You’re good.