Oscars: the big white dress edition


 Oh, hai!

This is probably two days passed timely, but we had a few friends over to watch the Oscars. And…OMG…the dresses were so great this year. Naomi Watts’ was THE BEST. I also loved Jane Fonda’s bright dress. She was taking a page out of the Helen Mirren dress book, which is ALWAYS the right decision. Did you see Jennifer Lawrence? Her dress was gorgeous, if not a little bridal, but it’s exactly what a young girl would want to wear. I want to renew my vows just to stick Jennifer Lawrence on top of the wedding cake.

It was a pretty safe year as fashions go. I can’t even snark. Ok, that’s not true. I could snark about Ann Hathaway, a box of Franzia and a Lifetime marathon of Pretty in Pink, but really…who am I to judge? On any given day I have at least one coffee stain on my shirt. Floating around is a photograph of me from 2000 with an Olsen twin hair flip, a bright tangerine oxford and…wait for it…iridescent eye shadow. Ann Hathaway wins at life. She would look amazing in a Hefty bag.

I served our guests the amazing recipe of grape jelly, chili sauce and meatballs. Would you believe I served Ikea meatballs…two days before the infamous IKEA MEATBALL SCANDAL broke. I’m pretty sure my friends will never EVER EVER eat at my house again. A vegetarian diet is looking mighty tasty right about now.