Personal Snapshots: Kentucky

Have you ever been asked where home is and felt pulled to answer somewhere other than a.) your birth place; b.) your place of residence; or the trite c.) “where the heart is” canned response? Though I was born and raised in St. Louis, and remain an avid supporter of that great and totally under appreciated city, somewhere between the too infrequent visits, “home” has changed for me. Home is definitely DC. (Okay, DC purists, I’ll split hairs. I do mean NoVA’s Del Ray.) But my home-away-from-home is definitely my Sarah’s Kentucky home, where we spent a few relaxing days. Her house is exactly where you’d want to be a kid or a cat. We had a pretty sweet impromptu acoustic sing-along under a starry night that left me very much centered.

It also has me listening to this song pretty much on repeat since. Check out the video. It’s charming.

¬†EDITED TO ADD: We adopted a kitten!!! She’s cute. Top name contenders: Olive, Chloe, Simone, Camila, Duchess

Also, this weekend I had a lovely time giving photography lessons to Tanis, a professional knitter. Find her blog here.  She comes from solid art lineage and inspired me to paint with Goache. Plus I had another shoot for this developing project of knits. My thanks to Jessica & Elisa for their cooperation.

June 25, 2012 - 9:32 am

Kristen - I vote Camilla, Duchess and since I’m sensing a royal theme I’ll throw Pippa into the mix. But the cat has to have the ass to carry that name.

Also, I believe I’ve only met them once(-ish) but I think the photos of Sarah and Will are perfect! I’m trying to figure a way to say it’s them without using the word “essence” which is nonsense/over-dramatic to me.