Please excuse us while we remodel

Yes, I’m using the collective “we.” Me, myself & I are going to be making a few changes to the site. It might look like a hot mess for the next few hours. Afterwards, it might look exactly the same as before. I have it in my head I want the posts to look a certain way, but then again, I’m fickle.

In other news, I have a strong urge to rewatch Titanic. I blame the stupid trivia question printed on my morning’s oatmeal packet,”Who sang the Titanic theme?” Really, oatmeal! Challenge me! Then again….THEN AGAIN….Melodrama just might be the ticket to winning District Karaoke. Imagine Titanic complete with the dialogue.¬†(Ironically, of course! Right, Ariel?) “I will never let go, Jack. I’ll never let go.” So, I shall leave you with the video. Not the official one, but the fan video. Those are the best. This one was chosen in particular for two reasons. 1.) The dialogue. 2.) That perfect halo light surrounding Jack and Rose. In 1997, someone spent a lot of time and earnest effort Photoshopping this poster. I applaud vanity projects of all kinds. Golf clap, user elh1992. Gold friggin’ star, dude. If you have¬† extra time on your hands today, might I suggest watching the Celine Dion video. Remember Lifetime: TV for Women paid homage to its green screen sunset in the awesomely bad biopic, William & Kate.