RUDY!!!! oh and Jason & Rachel, of course, but let’s not forget RUDY!!!!


Happy Turkey Day Eve Eve Eve, kids!¬† Okay, so Thanksgiving is still a few days out which means it’s time to start panicking about your holiday cards.¬† I’m done already.¬† Whats that?¬† You hate me?¬† Well, there is a queue of haters forming behind all my disorganized friends. Don’t hate the playa, hate the game.

One couple who will not joining that line of haters is Rachel & Jason (& Rudy)!¬† Rachel is hand-making photo cards this year.¬† Last weekend we hung out snapping some portraits in front of the Jefferson Memorial.¬† Rachel, who is an architect, says it’s her favorite DC monument due to the curve of the dome.

This was my favorite shot of the day! Fall foliage is made to serve as a backdrop to Rachel’s gorgeous red hair.


Rudy, you, baby cakes, are one sweet dog.