Shelby and Jess

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Oh hey there!

This is Shelby and Jess’ wedding I second shot for Debi Parker Photography. I spent entirely too much time trying to make a Steel Magnolias joke, which I am either not funny enough to write or it’s just not funny…full stop. Shelby and Jess happen to be hilarious. And fans of karaoke. Making them AWESOME in my book. Shelby serenaded his new wife with a rousing rendition of Baby Got Back. Afterwards, he was promptly recruited for my District Karaoke league. It’s a shame his schedule wouldn’t allow participating.

Speaking of music, yeah…let’s talk Lana Del Rey. If you follow my Facebook fan page you’ll know that I totally talked her up. I love her songs…all 3 of them…and I’m kinda obsessed with her Valley of the Dolls hair. So, you can imagine how my jaw dropped when she bombed on SNL. While I don’t pretend that had roles been reversed, I would’ve performed in front of America any better, but it brings to mind the idea of ceasing opportunities. That’s what photography is all about. A moment happens, after years of training, spending thousands on camera equipment, putting oneself in awkward networking meet ups, where everyone seems intimidatingly polished, experienced and talented. The moment happens when you tune out the self-critic and press the shutter. It’s about being vulnerable, showing your work, knowing that everyone has an opinion and shares, through social media, what they wouldn’t say to your face. It’s about treating yourself  gently, because others won’t. It’s about doing all these things…repeatedly. Practicing is the only way to mastery. Poor Lana had a very public and awkward practice. She failed to make the most of her opportunity. I added to the cacophony of criticism from the safe distance of my computer. I’ve had time to pause, collect my thoughts and reconnect to my ethos, to never be the bitchy girl. The world doesn’t need my strongly help opinion on topics which do not matter. So, Lana, I offer you my heart felt apology. Aside from your model looks, statuesque height and recording contract, we’re exactly the same. Well, except I sing on pitch. Sorry. Sorry, that was bitchy again. Our works are both evaluated in a public way, the stress of which can make one pathological. Mind you, your public is a lot bigger. Best of luck.