Silver Bells & Wedding Bells

Happy New Year’s, Kittens!

Last week I had dinner with the craftiest of my girlfriends, Penelope & Ariel. Many very important topics were discussed over a classy cocktail called Silver Bells, a delicious combination of vanilla vodka, lime, ginger syrup and sparkling wine. Ariel very excitedly announced her upcoming internship with…the one…the only…Martha Stewart. An urge to make a low sweeping courtesan bow comes over me when I say Martha Stewart, no doubt a reaction to cramming an entire season of The Tudors during the holidays. The internship immediately follows her May wedding, which I am lucky enough to photograph!!!  Wedding details comprised the bulk of our dinner conversation. We brainstormed ideas for the chuppah, the canopy of which will be a crocheted piece from Ariel’s mother’s wedding. She’s thinking about incorporating some lovely pinwheels like these:

For those who desire chuppah inspiration, I found two lovely examples. Feast your eyes on all this pretty.

photo credit: Starr Samuelson

According to The Haystack Needle the above chuppah was made from 100 year old doors left over in the couple’s home. I love how it’s a nod to the past, while being modern in its aesthetic.

Vendor: Ever After Florals via Project Wedding (Sorry, I couldn't find the photo credit)

Now,  I have no good way to segue to these next images except to say that they somewhat relate to my bride and groom. Ariel and her fiance, David, attended my Mad Men party ages ago, where I made them don* costumes and pose for pictures. Thanks to Facebook I was able to recall the date and actually find the images buried in a long forgotten external hard drive. Oh! and for the record…they were candy cigarettes not real ones…ew!

David & Ariel: the future Mr. & Mrs.

Alright, so that’s all I have for you today. Perhaps  I should close out with some New Year’s resolution to lose weight or improve my business, but to be honest I didn’t make any resolutions. That’s not entirely true. It’s more accurate to say that I resolve to be present and happy, which I already am.  Happiness to me is a husband who wakes me with french press coffee, the mewing of my cat, the afternoon sun hitting my yellow wall, Laura Mercier red lipstick, losing sleep to a really good novel, night photography (which I’m ashamed to say I do very little of anymore), the black leggings I live in, dahlias, dance music, that feeling of completeness when the bed is made,  when Trader Joe’s has everything on my shopping list, and every day that Netflix arrives in the mail. I hope 2011 brings more theme parties, costumes, laughter and friends. New music from Amy Winehouse and Lauryn Hill would also be nice, but I won’t hold my breath.

Ta ta for now, Brandy

* ha! Get it? Did you see what I just did there?