Sneak Peek :: Patricia & Dan

Although this looks like an engagement session, it was not. Patricia and I used to work together at Paper Source. She and her husband, Dan, are leaving DC for bigger and better things. They wanted some images to remind them of their time in DC. I was excited and a little bit nervous to photograph Patricia whose mother is a really really established photojournalist. It’s ridiculously easy to make these two look good, as they both hit the genetic lottery, what with Dan’s height (Dan is 6′ 5″)  and Patricia’s glossy shampoo ad hair. Seriously you two…can you be more adorable? Standing next to them I felt like an Ewok. Well, to be honest I feel like an Ewok most of the time. When we started shooting in Old Town, the sky was cloudy and beautifully diffused. By the time we hit the District the afternoon sun bathed us in warm glowy light.

My new 27″ iMac arrives this week. I’m psyched at the promise of a faster workflow! Today is Sunday and I’ve been at my computer all day. If I don’t get off this computer my husband might just unplug it on me. Bye for now!