Sneak Peek: Raj marries Jessica

Mic check! Mic check!Phff Phff. Is this thing on?

Oh, hello! Lovely to see you all after a long, hot summer. I’ve been off being fabulous, doing fabulous things. That is, if you count touring the West Wing of the White House fabulous. Or lake swimming in Maine. Or white water rafting on class 5 rapids and cliff diving from 20 feet up.  The cliff diving falls under “scary” and “things I NEVER need to do again” more so than “fabulous,” but whatevs! Perhaps the best thing I’ve done is celebrate my 10th wedding anniversary. This has been a summer for the record books, but I’ve been remiss in blogging and have lots to catch up on.

Let’s get started with Raj & Jessica. They married this past weekend at Normandy Farm in Blue Bell, PA. It was an emotional outdoor ceremony. Jessica wore her mother’s veil. In this first image, I used the veil as a sort of filter, shooting through it to capture Jessica’s gorgeous red lips. The reception was an awesome DANCE! DANCE! REVOLUTION! Seriously. Raj & Jessica are really really good dancers. In fact, they are such good dancers, the pronunciation of “real” should be changed to “RULL” to drive the point. Everyone was on the dance floor. It took some restraint not to bust out some sweet moves of my own.

I’ll post more tomorrow. For now, I sleep. It’s bedtime for Bonzo.

Love, Brandy