Snowcalypse part deux

snowytree0000I love grown up snow days. This was photographed last night from the vantage point of my kitchen. Now, if you DC girls had left me one pair of size 6 Wellies in navy anywhere in the metropolitan area, I’d happily wade through 5 foot snow drifts to capture the world from a different angle, but you didn’t, did you? You had to buy them all up, leaving me with wet, cold toes encased in inappropriate footwear for record breaking snowstorms. Actually, Wellies or no Wellies I still wouldn’t wade through 5 foot snow drifts….as I am 5 feet tall myself. Slightly pointless. So, this is all I am offering: one shot from my very warm, dry kitchen. The kitchen, I might add, is currently churning out some majorly tasty cinnamon raisin french toast. Perfect nosh for a snowbound day. Do you smell that? Yep, it’s bacon.

Reporting live from a historically snowy DC…

Brandy – Over & Out