Spring at the National Botanical Gardens

First some housekeeping – My Fibre Space class only has 6 available spaces for Improve Your Product Photograph on April 13th from 10:00 a.m to 12:30 p.m.  This is designed to help crafters and lifestyle bloggers take better photos to share on their blogs. Register now!

These images are from a quick stroll through the National Botanical Gardens yesterday. I love how much access I have to beautiful places in DC and I take full advantage. My favorite time to explore is Monday mornings. Parking on the major streets is allowed after 9:30 when the morning rush ends, so it’s easy to drive in for a couple of hours. Last week I had an espresso in the corridor that connects the Art Museum with the Modern Art Museum. There is seating next to this really great waterfall built into the architecture. At that time of the day it’s a peaceful respite from the noisy city.

Be sure to check out my new Wedding Song board on Pinterest curated along side Kristen of  The Future Mrs. Darcy. We love a good collabo and this is right up our alleys. If you have any suggestions for the board, do let me know. In the meantime, I’ll be obsessively adding songs as they float into my brain. What are you listening to right now? I have two obsessions lately. First – Mikky Ekko, the male part in Rihanna’s new single “Stay.” His stuff is great and I think I might be hot for him. I can’t decide. He’s one of those guys who is all arty and intentional downplays their adorableness, but when a record label sends the stylist, watch out. He’ll be like – regular hot. Hot and talented. He’ll be the new Jeff Buckley. Wait. Is that too much praise too soon? You decide.


My second obsession is a group in seriously heavy rotation, Gossip.


In other news, I’m tempted to repaint my living room again. Yes, this will be the third time in 18 months. Yes, I have a problem. Something’s just not working and I can’t figure it out. The starter color was a very lovely, albeit medium greige neutral. We added a white marble dining table and more contrast was needed. Then I painted it Nature’s Retreat, a medium to dark, desaturated grey-blue. It’s pretty, but I’ve used it in other living spaces and I think I’m bored with it. After adding a blue rug now the room seems a bit masculine and dark. Maybe it’s the effect of spring-fever, but I want to lighten things up. On the flip side, my bedroom is calling for a deeper and greener blue. Right now the walls are Cafe Blue, a very simple denim blue. When the weather allows for open windows, I’m going to attack that as well.