Happy St. Patrick’s Day :: Modern Toile Photography

Dear World,

It’s St. Patrick’s Day, the day when everyone’s Irish – even the poor people of Japan, who could use a distracting amount of Guinness more than the rest of us. Let’s hope Japan benefits a little from the luck of the Irish and a positive outcome is reached at the Fukushima Daiichi plant. I could wax philosophical, but instead I’ll just say I believe in the human spirit. Its sheer tenacity and resilience are on display now, but it is the defiant virtue of hope that is the thing of beauty. Its shoots have broken the once frozen ground. Blooms are imminent.

Okay, can we change topic? I suggest mind-numbing entertainment. Like Gossip Girl – dark until April 18th? And right after Dan Humphrey and Blair kissed? You’re killing me Gossip Girl. I have the 30 Day Song Challenge on Facebook to amuse me while I wait for Gossip Girl to return with new episodes. Though the 30 Day Song Challenge appears to have been created by someone with the emotional range of a 2 year old (happy or sad!), I still find it wastes a sufficient amount of time to guzzle my morning’s first cup of coffee.  At least Glee was new this week. Cute Blaine sang a song from Maroon 5 and I swooned. Swooned, I say! I just might love Blaine more than Kurt. But not as much as I love Adam Levine. Meow, kittens. Meow.

What else? Oh! A few of my Etsy prints were included in treasury lists! That’s exciting.

Sea Grass by Modern Toile Photography

Sea Grass was featured on the following treasury lists:

Sea of Love by Prenda

Pale by Treasured Details.

A Day at the Beach by My Baby Sweet Pea

Sun Urn by Modern Toile Photography

Sun Urn was featured on the treasury list titled, He Bravely Met the Sun by Valerie

Finally, a happy birthday to my good friend, Carine of Little Bird Creative.

Spring is almost here. Soon we’ll be shedding our scarves for peep toes. For now, we must revel in the anticipation.