Susan Calloway Fine Arts Gallery Opening

Hey there! I hope everyone’s Thanksgiving was nice and didn’t involve camping in line at Best Buy. I, for one, am glad that all the pecan pie is gone from my fridge. The bad news is it’s gone because I ate it…for breakfast, for an afternoon snack, and for dessert. Dinner was the only meal I didn’t make of pecan pie and that’s just because I switched to the apple pie with a slice of cheddar…y’know for the protein. Don’t ewww me. Apple pie with cheddar is a common alternative to a la mode. If you’ve never had it, try it. Trust me. Remember when I introduced you to chili with Fritos and a peanut butter sandwich? Your taste buds have never been the same, right? For the record, I’m also the one who, in elementary school, dipped her french fries in her chocolate pudding every Tuesday for 8 years. That’s enough of that talk. It’s making me crave carbs.

These are images from an event I shot at the Susan Calloway Fine Arts gallery opening in Georgetown. That reminds me, I tried to paint some canvases for the house this weekend. Yeah, they turned out about as well as you might expect from someone who has never taken a painting class. I mean it’s not like my bff is an awesome painter or anything? S.B., this is a call to action.

November 28, 2011 - 2:49 pm

Lisa Ridgely - Beautiful photos! I especially like the one of Susan with the painting as a backdrop – such a pretty color palette.

The apple-cheddar combination is one of life’s greatest delights!

December 1, 2011 - 10:03 am

Brandy - Thanks, Lisa!