The power of words


You're welcome, Billy & Nancy!

This lovely handwritten note arrived in the mail the other day.¬† It’s been on my fridge, dispensing happiness each time I reach for the coffee creamer.¬† An amazing woman named Nancy sent it.¬† She thanked me for a book of photographs I took of her grandchildren, one of whom just so happens to be my godson and co-birthday conspirator.¬† Nancy, your penmanship is glorious!¬† Your words touched me.¬† Thank you.

Reminded of the power of “thank you,” I owe a heartfelt thanks to Susan Jackson, a¬† photographer in St. Louis, who photographed my wedding almost 9 years ago.¬† She captured my all-time favorite image of my mother.¬† I lost my mom two years after my wedding and everyday since I am grateful to have that memory of her cute crinkled nose tangibly documented.¬† I’ve not spoken to Susan since she delivered her glorious photographs all those years ago.¬† She couldn’t possibly know how her work has influenced my life.¬† It’s time I let her know.