Tonight :: Book Launch @ the Athenaeum

I’ve been a busy little media-saturated beaver these days. A crazy period of wedding-season, volunteer commitments, extra-curricular activities, and hosting duties will be punctuated by a long winter of boredom and anti-socialness. It’s no wonder all my mental notes get confused. For example, tonight is the book launch for Michael Pope’s Hidden Histories of Alexandria, DC, featuring photographs taken by me. Photos from the book will be on display. I was like, “What am I going to wear?” That thought crossed neurons with my upcoming ticket to the Martha Show taping which dictates one to “dress to impress” in bright colors. Apparently, muted colors make Martha cry tears of diamonds. So all morning I’ve been in a panic that all my clothes are various shades of gray, charcoal and slate. Then I remembered – wrong event. Phew. There is still a few more days to panic about my 18% gray wardrobe. (Photography nerds will get that reference!)

The Alexandria Film Festival is coming up Nov 3 – 6 and I’m its social media maven. I’m happy to write and generate content for the blog. Facebook and Twitter is also my domain. I’m comfortable with FB, but I jumped on the Twitter bandwagon late. It’s still a confusing, overwhelming mess of abbreviated Sanskrit. Between all the various things I’m promoting – the book launch, the Film Festival, my photography work – my brain is on social media overload. If I fail to update this blog often this month, it’s not because I’m not shooting, I am. A lot. It’s just that my time is a little spread out over these other platforms. I promise to document all the fun things I’m doing and share them soon.

The in-laws were staying with us for two nights. Nothing makes me feel like a lazy, do-nothing teenager than having my Mother-In-Law attack my front lawn landscaping. She also chastised me for not sharing more Paris photos. I’m right on top of that, Rose!